Know Your Place: Concepts of Home and Identity in the Central Valley

Description: This topic focuses on home, identity and belonging as well as the different ways that “place” is and can be conceived.  This will lead us to engage in this idea of what our “place” in the Central Valley means, through the written word, images, and other kinds of representations.


LECTURE: February 18, 2015 from 3-5pm at Modesto Junior College, Performing and Media Arts Center (PAC), East Campus, Room 243
Lecture with Jim Tuedio, Professor of Philosophy and Dean, College of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at CSU Stanislaus and  Nigel Hatton, Professor of Philosophy at the University of California at Merced.
SEMINARMarch 4, 2015 from 3-5pm Modesto Junior College, Performing and Media Arts Center (PAC), East Campus, Room 243
Seminar discussion with required and recommended readings, including:  Michel de Certeau’s “Spatial Stories” from The Practice of Everyday Life; Franco Moretti’s “Towards a Geography of Literature” from Atlas of the European Novel;  Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities; Stephen Johnson’s The Great Central Valley: California’s  Heartland; selections from the works of Rebecca Solnit; selections from Stan Yogi’s (ed.)  Highway 99: A Literary Journey Through California’s Great Central Valley; John Muir’s piece on “Bees;” James D. Houston’s “In Search of Oildorado;” David Mas Masumoto’s “Firedance;” John Steinbeck’s “The Harvest Gypsies;”  Edward Said’s “Narrative and Social Space” from Culture and Imperialism.

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