Module: The Practice of Regional Literacy, Part 1

Lillian Vallee, Professor of English, Retired This curricular unit is the first of three based on the observation that Central Valley regional literacy is a unifying and stimulating subject and context for engaging a diverse student population in meaningful learning. The first unit focuses on the natural and indigenous history of the Central Valley, and

Module: Early Asian Immigration

Robert Stevenson, Professor of Art, Art History, and Humanities This curricular unit is designed to take the study of Asian culture to the local level. Students will explore the contributions of Asian immigrants to California’s Central Valley through early photography in The California Museum of Oakland’s online archive, historical resources from the University of California

Module: Mythic Central Valley

Simply put, the Humanities study human culture throughout the world from the first moment of human existence until the present. Because all of cultural history is such a vast subject, humanists often aim to study certain cultures at certain times and to investigate representative cultural production that seems to best capture the human spirit—those “true

Exploring Central Valley Memories: Visual Anthropology (Spring 2016)

Description: The discussion is anchored in the principles of visual anthropology, a sub-discipline of cultural anthropology where visual elements (photographs and ethnographic films) help clarify, represent and archive cultural knowledge. At the heart of this discussion is the question: how do we create an infrastructure to visually explore, document, and disseminate diverse cultural knowledge? Lecture/Discussion: Steve

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