Module: Creating Culture

Aishah Saleh, Professor of Humanities Visual anthropology is an area of the Humanities that can document, archive, and share the stories of individuals and communities. The works of Leonard Nadel, Jacob Riis, and the video archives of CSU Stanislaus’ Keck Visual Anthropology Lab solidify the power that visual modes of expression have as transmitters of

Module: Early Asian Immigration

Robert Stevenson, Professor of Art, Art History, and Humanities This curricular unit is designed to take the study of Asian culture to the local level. Students will explore the contributions of Asian immigrants to California’s Central Valley through early photography in The California Museum of Oakland’s online archive, historical resources from the University of California

Module: Mythic Central Valley

Simply put, the Humanities study human culture throughout the world from the first moment of human existence until the present. Because all of cultural history is such a vast subject, humanists often aim to study certain cultures at certain times and to investigate representative cultural production that seems to best capture the human spirit—those “true

Visions of Central Valley Culture: How Local Arts & Films Portray Valley Life

Description: This discussion centers around the way cultural identity is represented and enhanced through works of art, film, and other expressions. Key Questions: Who has the authority to decide what constitutes a primary work of cultural production that aids in the formation of collective identity? What is the relationship between a need for community identity and

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